Why Living At Helix Starkville Student Apartments Is A College Dream


It can often be a jarring transition to move from your own bedroom and home to a small dorm in college. Sometimes it’s a great change of scenery and a worthwhile experience, while other times it can seem cramped, stressful, or just too plain and boring. However, college living doesn’t always have to be that way, especially if you are a student at Mississippi State University. If you’re tired of that same old living experience then it’s time you made the move to Helix Starkville student apartments, where the space is open, the people are friendly, and when you need a break from studying, the fun never ends.

The biggest selling point of moving into a Starkville Student apartment is that those days of cramped space are gone. Apartments range anywhere from one to four bedrooms, with each bedroom coming with its own private bathroom. That’s right, no more fighting for time alone in a public restroom, here at Helix, you have your very own.

Besides from each apartment being fully furnished and having electric, water, cable, and internet included, each building also has an elevator. Never again will you have to climb endless amounts of stairs while wearing a heavy backpack, just hop in the elevator and enjoy the ride. Unless of course you’d like the exercise, which if that be the case, head over to our state-of-the-art workout facility. Experience two floors of NRG-style workouts and get some great pool views while doing so. Did we mention there’s a cool spiral staircase connecting the floors?

Studying is very important in order to maintain a good GPA and stay caught up in class. If studying in your room isn’t your thing, head over to our awesome study center, Brain Candy! Enjoy small group study rooms (or a large one) and make studying a little more enjoyable. There’s also plenty of study space to privately work as well, so if you need alone time to get homework done, it is always at your disposal.

Everybody needs a study break now and again, and if you live in a Helix Student apartment, you’ll always have the perfect way to wind down. Enjoy an old-school gaming center, poolside relaxation, a billiards room with a wall of TV’s, as well as much, much more. It’s time to enjoy that precious free time that you have, and at Helix, you’ll be able to do just that.

This is just a taste of the remarkable living that exists at Helix Starkville student apartments. If you’d like to see what else we have to offer, or if you’re ready to make the move, contact us now!

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