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Have your nights out become extremely predictable? The same mundane restaurant, a quick jog around the park, a game of basketball with your friends, or maybe a trip to the movie theater to see something you’re not even interested in, just to have something to do. Well, we know of an activity near the student apartments in Starkville that is definitely out of the ordinary–the question is, are you brave enough to try it?

Get Out Starkville is a unique venue and a fantastic option for an entertaining night out. This activity tests your ability to work with others in a group to decipher clues and solving the mystery that will eventually lead to your escape. The catch is that your group only has 60 minutes to solve the puzzle. Get Out Starkville has three separate rooms with their own individual themes:

  • Professor Prescott. The crafty Professor Prescott is a jaded University of Mississippi computer science professor who has recently been denied tenure. His ultimate revenge lies in a flash drive containing software that is capable of wiping out the entire U.S. power grid, destroying all electronic networks. Your team must find the flash drive and break out of his office before he returns from his lecture.
  • Dr. Hubert’s Laboratory. Villainous Dr. Hubert, biomedical engineer, has created an airborne virus that will create devastating mutations in its victims. He plans to release the virus and you must find the antidote hidden in his office to save yourself and the entire community.
  • Abduction. Perhaps the most terrifying concept of all three rooms, this scenario finds you in a hospital room with no idea of how you got there. Maggie, a former mental asylum patient, has abducted you. She thinks she is a psychiatrist and plans to use you as an experiment in manipulative behavior. You only have a limited time to figure out how to escape Maggie’s unstable clutches before she finally snaps.

If you are looking for something different to shake things up a bit, Get Out Starkville is definitely a great choice. Just bring some good friends who work well as a team or you’ll find yourself failing the mission! Please feel free to contact us to learn more about exciting activities near your apartment in Starkville.

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