Start The New Year Off In Shape In Starkville

The winter holiday break is usually filled with lots of parties, family visits, and delicious food. It’s loads of fun, but when classes resume, some of us are left feeling a bit sluggish from our overindulgence. The Joe Frank Sanderson Center offers a fantastic opportunity to stay fit and it’s right on campus, so only minutes away from your HELiX Starkville … Read More

Celebrate New Years Eve In Starkville

Some students living in Starkville will be heading home for the holidays. Others plan to stay and enjoy the comfort of HELiX Starkville apartments, while the campus is quieter and less crowded. If you’re staying, what will you do to welcome 2017? It’s tradition in Mississippi and much of the South to eat black-eyed peas, ham, and greens for good luck on … Read More

Grab A Pizza In Starkville

If you’ve been busy hitting the books, now would be a good time to step away for an hour or two, and head to a local pizza parlor. Meet up with a friend for a study break or pick up a pie to bring home. There are some great pizza joints close to the luxury student apartments at Helix Starkville. … Read More

Convenient Accommodations For Out Of Town Guests In Starkville

As a student living in the HELiX Starkville Student Apartments, you may have family or friends come to town for a visit during the year. With annual events like homecoming and graduation, or just a weekend visit, you may need to recommend a place for them to stay. There are several options in Starkville where your guests will be comfortable and … Read More

Brighten Up Your Space With A Bouquet In Starkville

Starkville is an exciting little community bursting with great restaurants, interesting events, and fabulous shops. A wealth of intriguing businesses can be found in this town, whether you are looking for a delicious freshly baked dessert, the latest in fashion, or a unique gift. The shops in Starkville take great pride in providing the community with quality services and a … Read More

Visit Reese Orchards For Fresh Fruit

One of the great things about Starkville is that you don’t have to go far to get a change of scenery. Take a six-mile journey down the road from HELiX Starkville luxury student living this Saturday to pick an unexpectedly delicious fruit. Reese Orchards offers grapes, blueberries, and pears, but the crop people drive hundreds of miles to pick is … Read More

Celebrate Homecoming Weekend In Starkville

Homecoming weekend is just around the corner and with it comes Starkville’s harvest celebration. This fun event is happening October 28th – 30th, and it’s just minutes from HELiX Starkville Luxury Student Living. If you think the weekend of Halloween is just for kids, think again! In Starkville, there’s plenty to do for everyone. Kick off your weekend with the Mississippi State University … Read More

Visit Get Out Starkville

Have your nights out become extremely predictable? The same mundane restaurant, a quick jog around the park, a game of basketball with your friends, or maybe a trip to the movie theater to see something you’re not even interested in, just to have something to do. Well, we know of an activity near the student apartments in Starkville that is definitely out of the … Read More

Books Every College Student Should Read

Summer usually means a break from the grind of college courses and the hectic schedule of a student. It’s the perfect time to relax in your Helix Starkville Apartment, and enjoy some summer reading. Whether you are taking summer classes or working through the summer, don’t forget to carve out some time to relax. Pour a glass of lemonade and put your feet … Read More

Great Lunch Spots Near Helix Starkville

Starkville is one of the best places in Mississippi to grab lunch, thanks to a diverse range of restaurants catering to regular Mississippi State traffic. We’ve listed a few of our favorite lunch spots below, and we hope you enjoy them! City Bagel Cafe (511 University Dr.) Naturally, the main draw of City Bagel is their wide range of flavorful bagels … Read More