Student Living in Starkville – Visit MSU’s Clock Museum


The Mississippi State University campus boasts several lovely and intriguing art museums, none more so that the Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum. The museum contains an impressive collection of nearly 400 clocks and watches. All are of historical and aesthetic interest. Their creation goes as far back in history as the early eighteenth century. Nearly every manufacturer of clocks in the U.S. is represented, including Seth Thomas clocks, a popular brand throughout American history, along with clock-makers Ansonia, Waterbury, W.L. Gilbert, and Howard.

Mr. Wade customized several of the clocks with hand-painted glass designs and added intricate finials to some clocks. He also placed American movements in some English cases. Most of the clocks are American, but there are a sizable percentage of French timepieces and several of English and German make.

Mr. Wade left the collection to Mississippi State in hopes that it would provide something unique and historical that wasn’t replicated elsewhere in Mississippi.

The Cullis and Gladys Wade Clock Museum is located in the Cullis Wade Depot’s Welcome Center, conveniently on display in the lobby for students and nonstudents alike.

Mr. Wade graduated from MSU in 1940 with a degree in electrical engineering. After college, he gained extensive experience in working in cotton gins, saw mills and several tung oil mills. In Louisiana, he built the Wade Tung Oil Mill. Mr. and Mrs. Wade became interested in antique clocks while searching for antiques for their home. It became a lifelong shared endeavor.

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