Student Living in Starkville: Keeping It Clean


Your apartment is one of the great things about student living in Starkville. It’s beautiful, it’s convenient, and it has a kitchen that’s designed to exercise your cooking skills, whether they’re developing or advanced.

However, keeping a cleaning schedule may have proved harder than you thought. Not only do you need to clean your apartment on a regular basis, you need to make sure it stays clean month after month.

Sounds like the first would automatically lead to the second? Well, not always. Say you mop the kitchen floor once a week—a reasonable schedule. You definitely have a pretty clean floor. But, how often do you clean the oven, which is also part of a clean kitchen? How often does the refrigerator get cleaned out and scrubbed?

It’s easy to fall into the outside/inside dichotomy: what is visible is kept clean, what is invisible—or only intermittently visible—gets cleaned seldom. Below are three simple ways to make sure your apartment is clean–and making sure it will stay clean.

  • First, make a list of everything that needs to be done. We mean everything; not just the daily rituals. Oven, refrigerator, sheet changing, laundry. Dusting the ceiling corners. Seriously. Get it all out on a list.
  • Second, divide the tasks among your roommates. All hands on deck. Make sure things are equitable and everybody agrees. If one of you gets a kick out of making sure the stove is clean, by all means, she or he gets that assignment. If all of you hate cleaning out the refrigerator, just rotate it so it’s fair and no one person is stuck.
  • Third, reward yourself for this too. Once the larger tasks are done, maybe you schedule a once-a-month pizza blowout, just you and your roommates. One cleaned stove = Netflix and pizza of choice.

Cleaning doesn’t have to take up your entire weekend – plan it out, get it done, and reward yourself! We hope this helps.

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