Start The New Year Off In Shape In Starkville

The winter holiday break is usually filled with lots of parties, family visits, and delicious food. It’s loads of fun, but when classes resume, some of us are left feeling a bit sluggish from our overindulgence. The Joe Frank Sanderson Center offers a fantastic opportunity to stay fit and it’s right on campus, so only minutes away from your HELiX Starkville Student Apartments.

The Joe Frank Sanderson Center opened in 1998. This state-of-the-art facility offers students a remarkable place to work out, boasting a jogging track, racquetball courts, a 500,000-gallon indoor swimming pool, recreational room, weight room, aerobic and dance studios, and a food service area. Students can participate in a variety of exercise programs including intensive Boot Camps (a combination of traditional exercise, interval, and strength training), indoor cycling, personal training, and nutrition coaching. Grab a few friends and reserve a racquetball court for a fast-paced game or if you are looking for something different to try, give Wallyball a shot. Wallyball is played on a racquetball court but is similar to volleyball.

This incredible facility has become one of the most popular spots on campus. It is very convenient to stop by for a quick jog after class or meet up with friends and enjoy a pulse-pounding aerobics program. Top of the line equipment such as Bodymaster, Cybex, and Hammer Strength is easy to use and will help you tone and strengthen your muscles in no time. Having access to this awesome fitness area is just another one of the many perks you’ll enjoy while living in HELIX Starkville Student apartments.

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