Relentless: MSU Lady Bulldog’s Basketball Team


0-36. This doesn’t sound like a statistic that anyone would want to lay claim to. Yet it was the MSU Women’s Basketball program all-time school record against rival Tennessee going into their January 28th matchup, an unwanted legacy that no Lady Bulldog team had thus far been able to overcome.

The showdown between these 2 powerhouses would determine if the shutout would continue or be relegated to the halls of history. As the Bulldog’s prepared for the big game, it was difficult not to let that history haunt them. Hail State Productions film series ‘Relentless, Episode IV’ outlines how the ladies pulled on their years of disciplined action to stay focused as the pressure built.

Not only did they pull off the win in an overtime nail biter that shattered the shutout, but they did so before a record crowd of 10,626. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve since beat Arkansas, LSU, and Missouri to give the team three straight 20-win seasons for the first time in program history! Because of these series of slam dunks, on February 2nd the NCAA named the Lady Bulldog’s Team of the Week

Head Coach Vic Schaefer credits his team’s guts and determination along with his tremendous staff for the stellar season. And with Victoria Vivians, Dominique Dillingham, and Morgan William leading the way, the SEC tournament should shape up to be one that no one will want to miss.

If you’d like to get tickets to see this history-making team in action, there are still seats available for the February 18th game against Kentucky and the February 28th game against Alabama. Go to the Athletic Ticket Office site to claim yours now – they’re only $5 each! And don’t forget to check out Episode I, Episode II, and Episode III of Hail State Production’s ‘Relentless’ to catch up on the entire season.

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