Outdoor Activities: Join the Audubon Society


Looking to get more involved in outdoor activities, especially as winter starts sliding into early spring? Starkville has many great places to enjoy the great outdoors. One of the best ways to see it, though, is to join a group that participates in nature activities. That way, you not only find out about the natural environment around us, but also meet people who are equally interested!

The Oktibbeha Audubon Society (OAS) will fill both bills. Nationally, the Audubon Society is dedicated to the preservation of nature, particularly areas that are habitats for birds. Many people who join the Audubon Society are avid bird watchers, although they also enjoy hiking and being in the outdoors generally.

OAS members take frequent trips to the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge in nearby Brooksville. The Noxubee Refuge covers more than 42,000 reclaimed acres that are being left to become as wild as they were before they were farmed, but managed for preservation and sustainability. It is a great place to walk in nature, as well as see birds and wildlife (including alligators!).

The OAS also holds frequent meetings that are a combination of nature talk and potlucks. They are also very convenient! OAS chapter meetings are held in MSU’s Clay Lyle Entomology Building. Meetings for members take place on the second Thursday of every month during the school year. It is traditional for the May meeting to be a picnic. Speakers generally talk on some aspect of the environment; for example, last month, a professor in Wildlife & Fisheries, gave a talk entitled “Managing Waterbird Habitats,” about the coastal environment for birds since the massive oil spill 5 years ago.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about other outdoor activities!

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