Grab A Bite To Eat At Pita Pit

There are many options for a delicious meal near your HELiX Starkville student apartment, but what if you are craving something new and a bit different from the regular old burger and fries or pizza? The Pita Pit offers delicious options for everyone, from meat lovers to strict vegetarians.

The Pita Pit is great for students who are in a rush and need to grab a quick bite to eat without overloading on the usual fried and fatty fast food. Meat is grilled fresh (not microwaved) and an abundance of toppings are available to please even the pickiest of eaters. You’ll start out by choosing a white or wheat pita (or no pita at all–you can have your meal salad-style with a fork) and then comes the good stuff. It might take a while to narrow down exactly what you want to be stuffed in that pita since there are so many delectable options. Breakfast time calls for ham, bacon, and eggs, while you can’t go wrong with a yummy Chicken Caesar or B.L.T for lunch. The Prime Rib or Philly Steak, both stuffed with tender beef, make an excellent dinner. Choose from a variety of enticing cheese, from gorgonzola to pepper jack, and awesome toppings such as pepperoncini, black beans, green chiles, or cilantro. You know what makes Pita Pit even better? They deliver. That’s right–you don’t even have to leave your apartment after a long, hectic day of classes and work because they’ll bring an enjoyable meal right to your door.

The Pita Pit is a great alternative to the traditional fast food, especially if you are looking for something new with a lot of variety. Please feel free to contact us to learn about more great eating establishments near your HELiX Starkville student apartment.

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