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Do you know what to do in an emergency? Could you take care of yourself in an earthquake, tornado, or another disaster? Do you have the training and skills to help your friends and neighbors? If you have CERT training, you’ll know what to do, and you’ll not only improve your student living in Starkville, you’ll make new friends.

CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Teams. It’s a program that teaches you how to help yourself and help your neighbors in case of an emergency until first-responders can arrive at the scene. Mississippi State University has a team of professors and students who are ready to assist police, firefighters, and/or National Guard by providing basic emergency and disaster management services until local agencies are able to respond.

CERT classes are free. The basic training includes CERT team organization, fire safety, and prevention, how to use a fire extinguisher, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, and basic first aid. Advanced training is optional, but includes radios, CPR, advanced first aid, and disaster preparedness.

CERT training does NOT mean go out and try to be a hero. CERT training helps you be more prepared and less scared in the case of an emergency, so you can A, take care of yourself, B, take care of your neighbors, and C, assist the first-responders if necessary. CERT training also helps develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Mississippi State University’s CERT team has sponsored emergency preparedness fairs, half-marathons, fun runs, and the Mississippi CERT Olympics. In the Mississippi CERT Olympics, CERT teams from all over the state participated in skill assessment contests that measured search and rescue, fire safety, hazmat awareness, triage, and first aid.

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