Get Your Chomp On in Starkville


Getting tired of campus food?  Need a great, cheap meal in the few hours you have between classes? Here’s a list of some great restaurants in Starkville that will hit the spot.

  1. Mugshots Grill and Bar :Truly a testament to student life, this burger joint always gets accolades. The owners were students at MSU themselves when they started working together at a local restaurant. As their friendship and sense of adventure progressed, so did their cooking! This partnership led to a great Southern burger joint with awesome appetizers and meals. A full dinner will typically net you under $15.
  2. Oby’s: Started by a native Starkville resident, this specialty sandwich store is home to the ultimate Po’ Boy sandwich. The delicious, economical selection doesn’t end there. While sandwiches will run you a bit under $10,  you can also get a plate of oysters for under $12! What a steal.
  3. Petty’s BBQ: This classic location off of Highway 12 W is known for being an authentic, old-time Southern BBQ joint with fun and filling plates such as the ‘Wrangler Strangler’, a dish that boasts two different types of their home made BBQ!  A typical meal at Petty’s runs under $10.
  4. Bop’s Frozen Custard: This should be the first (and last) stop you make when you get to town! Located off of Highway 12, Bop’s is sure to cure a case of sweet tooth. Treat yo’self after acing exams with their sweet eats!
  5. Abner’s: The official tailgating go-to, this restaurant features great grilled tenders and wings. Visit their website for coupons – they often have deals where you can spend under $12 for two meals worth of food!

These are just a few great places to check out, especially if you’re new to campus. While Starkville has a lot of great local restaurants, you always have the option to cook healthy and budget-friendly food at home in your state of the art kitchen!

Want to learn more about Starkville, or just the great kitchens we have at HELiX? Get in touch with us via our website, and we’ll be happy to show you the best that student living has to offer.

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