Enjoy The Fall Season At Starkville Community Theater

Starkville is home to the wonderful Starkville Community Theater, which has a fresh season of plays coming up. Get your Broadway on in down home style with these productions close to HELiX Starkville Student Apartments.

The first play will be “The Cemetery Club.” Despite the title, it’s a romance between a widow whose visits her late husband’s grave and a widower who is visiting his late wife’s. It is about the eternal nature of love and the necessity to go on living.

The Cemetery Club will run from September 15-18 and September 20-24.

The second production is the cheekily named “Urinetown: A Musical.” “Urinetown” won 3 Tony awards. If you’ve ever seen the title and wondered what it was about…it’s a futuristic play in which two decades of water shortages and short-sighted policies have resulted in no public facilities for…restrooms. So one corporation has stepped into the breach, charging admission. Since they have no competition, they can charge whatever they want — and the price is steep.

But a leader arises to lead people out of the corrupt system! A revolution ensues.

“Urinetown” will run from November 10-13 and 15-19.

In February, SCT will present “Silent Sky,” a historical drama about pioneering women in astronomy. The heroine is working at the observatory at Harvard University in the early twentieth century. She is one of a group of women who chart the stars for a famous astronomer. (The women are called “computers,” interestingly enough.) The women astronomers must balance their interest in science with their need for love.

“Silent Sky” is based on a true story. It will run from February 9-12 and February 14-18.


If you’re interested in learning more about other attractions near Helix Starkville, contact us today.

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