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‘Tis great to be in Starkville, now that the Ragtime and Jazz Festival is almost here! We’re talking about the Tenth Annual Charles H. Templeton Ragtime and Jazz Festival, which will take place March 31 to April 2.

Ragtime was an incredibly popular music from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries. It featured a syncopated beat and a not always regular rhythm. After World War I, its popularity was largely superseded by jazz, another syncopated sound (although the syncopation is quite different from that of ragtime). If you have ever caught the 1970s movie The Sting, for example, the soundtrack featured several ragtime pieces by American composer Scott Joplin.

Most people know jazz as a style that grew up in the South during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, gathered strength and fans throughout the twentieth century, and is played today. Although not enjoying the widespread popularity of rock, jazz is a vital contemporary art form.

The Jazz and Ragtime Festival features a full slate of concerts. This year, performers will include jazz pianist Reginald Robinson, jazz band leader Tom Hook, and stride pianist Stephanie Trick.

The Festival also hosts seminars and tours of the Museum. The Templeton Museum is dedicated to archiving items from the business of music, such as gramophones (an early twentieth century precursor to the phonograph, which itself preceded the CD and MP3 player).

The hosts for the festival are the Mississippi State University Libraries along with Mississippi State itself and the Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Music Museum, which is located in Mitchell Memorial Library. You can register for the festival here.

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