Check Out the Cotton District Arts Festival

It happens every year, and it’s one of the biggest festivals in town! What is it? Why, the Cotton District Arts Festival (CDAF) in Starkville. It’s a terrific way to celebrate Spring. It will take place on Saturday, April 16 near student living in Starkville.

The festival’s poster illustrates the variety of events: it’s a guitar with a magnolia growing out of it, complete with flourishing quill pens, paintbrushes and forks and spoons with a lovely historic mansion in the middle!

The guitar? There’s plenty of music that can be found on the festival’s three different stages. Rock, country, and indie. There’s even a songwriter competition.

The magnolia? They’ll be in bloom, beautiful and fragrant as ever.

The quill pens? One of the great things about CDAF is the Writer’s Village. Everyone is welcome. Read a poem or a 6-word story (Really, that’s all it is. Six words). There will be word blocks on the ground you can use to create your word art (Just like refrigerator magnets, but on the ground). Or you can use Instagram as the jumping off point for a story or poem that you then…share on Instagram.

The paintbrushes? There’s both a juried art competition and a student art competition.

Forks and spoons? Local restaurants and shops will be participating in Taste of Starkville, where they create street food for your eating pleasure. You’ll be able to vote who’s the best. Everybody from The Biscuit Shop to Central Grill to Veranda. Yum!

The mansion? Well, it’s in the historic Cotton District, of course.

For a complete list of events and more info, see here.


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