Why settle for a few must haves when you can have them all? HELiX Starkville student apartments is crafted with superior community amenities…and that may be the understatement of the century. View the awesome features your apartment will offer on the Floor Plans page! What are you waiting for? HELiX Starkville is the place to live at Mississippi State University!


Need a lift? Would elevators in every building at HELiX work? Yeah…we thought so. 


BISTRO is a social space for students to interact, connect, or retreat…quietly, while overlooking AQUA, our South Beach inspired pool. BISTRO is also home to BUZZ, our gourmet coffee bar.


If there was a designated nucleus at HELiX, this would be it. VIBE is a social space unlike any other in Starkville. A wall of TVs – and then more TVs. Seating areas. Billiards. Space for Mississippi State University students to connect. Space to recharge. And space to do just about anything.


What student doesn’t need an extra jolt…especially for those morning classes. Hit BUZZ – your onsite gourmet coffee bar.


While most fitness centers are a bit boring and institutional, NRG is a space alive with…well…energy. Two stories of NRG connected by a spiral staircase – or elevator if that is just too much work – with killer pool views.


We know…studying may not be the most fun thing, but it is a must and something we take seriously. BRAINCANDY is an incredible study zone with 4 individual study rooms, 1 large group study room, open study space and DOWNLOAD.


This sure isn’t your typical apartment pool. Far from it. AQUA is an incredible outdoor space featuring a South Beach inspired beach entry pool with abundant seating, cabanas, LANAI, REBOOT, and SCORCH. This is the best pool at Mississippi State University!


A wall of Macs for your convenience, as well as space to connect your own laptop.


Extended veranda to the center of the pool for additional sun exposure and social interaction.


Who doesn’t miss recess? Well…this is the college version. An old school gaming center and arcade exclusive to residents at HELiX Starkville. Get your game on!


A lawn poolside where you can recharge? Sure. Why not?


Your private oasis in Starkville? Maybe! SANCTUARY is the onsite nature preserve at HELiX Starkville student apartments…poolside.


Poolside grilling area. BBQ anyone?


Who doesn’t love to keep that summer tan all year long? With unlimited free tanning, you can do just that.


Need a lift to class? Take advantage of our Bum-a-Bike service on the property.


Plenty of spaces to park. And if you want a space SUPER CLOSE to your front door, we can help with Premier Parking.


Trash picked up at your doorstep!