Why Living At Helix Starkville Student Apartments Is A College Dream

It can often be a jarring transition to move from your own bedroom and home to a small dorm in college. Sometimes it’s a great change of scenery and a worthwhile experience, while other times it can seem cramped, stressful, or just too plain and boring. However, college living doesn’t always have to be that way, especially if you are … Read More

Where Can You Get a Good Cup of Coffee in Starkville?

If you’re a student living in Starkville, you’re going to have homework. You’ll need to study. That means coffee. But where can you get a good cup of coffee in Starkville? BUZZ, the community coffee bar at HELiX Starkville Student Apartments, Blackjack Road at Hardy Road. Why leave the comfort of your home when BUZZ is so close and convenient? Your own apartment, Blackjack … Read More

The Magnolia Film Festival Comes to Starkville!

Do you love movies? Do you like to watch all kinds of movies? Would you like to schmooze with film-makers, attend screenings, and attend workshops on movies? Then Starkville is the place for you, because the Magnolia Independent Film Festival is coming up soon. The Magnolia Film Festival was originally held in West Point and moved to Starkville several years … Read More